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The Cookhouse

Passion for food concepts

The Cookhouse concept was developed out of a demand from consumer and commercial kitchens to make slow cooking faster and more convenient. We take products such as pork spare ribs and beef cheeks, cooking them in a natural way to extend shelf life and save you time, without compromising on taste and quality.

We prefer to work on cooking techniques rather than adding preservatives or additives to ensure the quality and shelf-life of our products. At The Cookhouse we work with our customers to explore food concepts and develop menus. We deliver a high quality and consistent product, ensuring predictable outcomes for our customers every time. The Cookhouse is here to provide innovative cooking solutions to our customers problems.


Taste, quality and high food safety

Danish Crown Foods, Tulip Food Company A/S is a modern food company that places top priority on good taste, high quality and high food safety.

Danish Crown Foods has 15 production facilities located in Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden. All of their factories meet the most strict requirements in terms of food safety. By advanced technology, they can track any product's road from farm to fork and make sure they are of high quality. Approximately half of Tulip's products are sold in the Nordic countries, while the other half distributes worldwide.

We have worked closely with Tulip to develop products specifically for the Australian and New Zealand markets, and continue to work with them on new and innovative lines. We are always looking to extend the range available to our customers and are regularly launching new products into the market.


Silver Fern Farms Beef & Lamb

Delicious starts with grass-fed, 365 days a year.

Founded in 1948, Silver Fern Farms are New Zealand's leading processor, marketer and exporter of premium quality lamb, beef and venison. They have a wide selection of grass-fed red meat.

All the animals have been raised with the ability to wander and graze freely. With a diet of plentiful grass, animals grow strong, healthy and lean. The meat that produces has a consistently delicious, distinctive flavour.

Together with Silver Fern Farms, we are continually focusing on identifying our consumer needs, and then working with our gathered expertise to meet those needs to offer high quality products.


Rt Leaf

We develop new concepts in food.

Innovating and creating exclusive brands and private label foods for use across food service operators, supermarkets and retail specialists throughout Australia.

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