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News, Uncategorized   COMSTOCK’S MAGAZINE: Promise For New Proteins: Comstock’s Magazine is the premier monthly business publication in California’s Capital Region. For 30 years, both online and in print, Comstock’s Magazine “has taken an analytical look at the movers, shakers and forces shaping the economic landscape of today and tomorrow”.   THE INNOVATION ISSUE: Now, for […]
At RTC Foods we are all about developing new and exciting products. From our innovative cooked beef, lamb, and pork products, to our grocery items, we are always working on the next concept to develop for the food industry. Although it is exciting to witness this progress, from ideas through to finished products, we know […]
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What are pork wings you might ask? And where can I buy pork wings?   Pork wings, pig wings, pork mini shank…this exciting cut of pork is known by a few names but they all mean the same thing – delicious! The pork wing is basically a trimmed pork shank, a single bone surrounded by […]
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More Than Just Healthy Burgers At Grill’d ! Would you like a rack of pork ribs with that? Delicious healthy burgers are not the only thing available now from Grill’d restaurants. We are so excited to announce our amazing mouth-watering slow cooked barbecue pork ribs can now be ordered at a select number of Grill’d […]
  ALDI Special Buys Featuring Tulip Pork Ribs; Our Tulip cooked pork ribs have once again flown off the shelves at Aldi stores around Australia!! We gave you the heads-up after last month’s sale, and you listened! Tulip pork rib lovers really need to get in quick if they want to secure themselves some of […]
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Tulip pork ribs at Aldi: Our Tulip cooked pork ribs are yet again a massive hit! RTC Foods were delighted to once again partner with Aldi to include our delicious cooked pork ribs in their weekly Special Buys section of the chiller. Our special retort cooked pork ribs have an extended chilled shelf life. Not […]
Working to reduce food waste: At RTC Foods Innovation we believe it is important to try and reduce food waste as much as we can. In line with this commitment we have been working with local food charities to support those in need. Now we are proud to partner with both OzHarvest Australia and KiwiHarvest […]
“Of Hybrid Cars and Meat: The Protein Industry’s New Blend Trend” Better Meat Co. CEO Paul Shapiro has written a great piece outlining the value in the trend of meat + plant blended products. Not 100% meat – not 100% plant based – but a combination of both. Better for your health, better for the […]
What is the best way to cook pork ribs at home? Slow cooking is the perfect way to get tender melt-in-the-mouth pork ribs, an absolute favourite in most households. If you were to do a quick Google search you will be inundated with recipes and blog posts on slow cooking pork ribs for hours in […]
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Expo West, Anaheim, CA, USA : The EXPO WEST Natural Products Trade Show was due to take place from March 3rd – 7th this year in Anaheim, California. Expo West showcases the most up to date innovations in the natural and organic food and lifestyle sectors. As we have for several years, RTC Foods Innovation […]
ALDI Australia pride themselves on offering something a bit different, Good Different. And they certainly have that available in their upcoming Special Buys section next week. RTC Foods are excited to announce yet another special promotion on our Tulip brand slow cooked baby back pork ribs! We are working with Aldi again and have a […]
There is nothing better than tasty pork ribs that have been slow cooked in an oven or crockpot for several hours, covered in a yummy glaze or sticky barbecue sauce, delicious soft pork meat falling off the bone as you eat them. But the time and effort it takes to prepare and cook pork ribs […]
RTC Foods are proud to be the exclusive importer of the Tulip brand of baby back pork ribs into Australia and New Zealand, and we look forward to continued business in the years to come. The Tulip brand has been around for 100 years in Europe, producing high quality pork ribs and other pork products […]
Our Gold Coast office has recently started working with local charity ‘Havafeed’ who offer support and meals to those in need. After meeting with the group and sitting down to talk to a few local people suffering various hardships, it really opened our eyes to a need in our community that we thought we could […]
5th – 9th OCTOBER 2019 Anuga is the world’s leading food fair for the retail trade and the food service and catering market, which takes place every two years in Cologne Germany. Anuga combines 10 trade fairs in one including Fine Food, Frozen Food, Meat, Chilled & Fresh Food, and Food Service. In addition, the exhibition program included […]
Check out this great article featuring Better Meat Company co-founder and CEO Paul Shapiro discussing the concept of plant-based proteins blended with meat products. WATCH: Hybrid products could capture a significant chunk of the protein market, predicts The Better Meat Co.
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