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ALDI Special Buys Featuring Tulip Pork Ribs


Tulip Sparerib

ALDI Special Buys Featuring Tulip Pork Ribs;

Our Tulip cooked pork ribs have once again flown off the shelves at Aldi stores around Australia!!

We gave you the heads-up after last month’s sale, and you listened! Tulip pork rib lovers really need to get in quick if they want to secure themselves some of these delicious ribs!

Our Tulip cooked pork ribs are not sold as an everyday item at Aldi, so when we can secure a spot in the Special Buys section these pork ribs sell out fast. They are not on shelves for long, and are usually sold out in most Aldi stores before the Special Buys week is even over.


SUPER Pork Rib Fans;

We knew we must have some SUPER Tulip pork rib fans out there, but we really underestimated just how big a fan some people are!

We were so excited to see some of the photos our wonderful customers shared with us of their Tulip pork rib purchases…


One customer was well prepared with their esky, ready to load up…

Photo 2020 08 21 14 12 22


Check out these volumes going through the checkout…

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It always helps to have an extra fridge at home exclusively for your favourite pork ribs…

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End Of Another Special Buys On Tulip Pork Ribs;

Unfortunately, that is the end of another Aldi Special Buys week featuring our delicious Tulip pork ribs. We hope all our loyal pork rib loving customers were able to fill their fridges with our great products before they were all sold out.

If you think Tulip cooked pork ribs should be stocked as an everyday item at Aldi – make sure to tell your local Store Manager 😊

We do not have any further promotions lined up with Aldi at this stage, but we will be sure to let you know when we lock one in. And if you simply cannot live without more of these amazing pork ribs, please get in touch, we will do what we can to help you out.



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