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Tulip pork ribs at Aldi:

Our Tulip cooked pork ribs are yet again a massive hit!

RTC Foods were delighted to once again partner with Aldi to include our delicious cooked pork ribs in their weekly Special Buys section of the chiller. Our special retort cooked pork ribs have an extended chilled shelf life. Not in the freezer section like most competitors, Tulip pork ribs keep for months in the chiller if left sealed in their packaging.

Our 550g full rack of pork ribs were available for only $8.99 per unit! (No wonder they went so fast!)

The special ran from Wednesday 8th to Tuesday 14th July but we have heard many stores were sold out a lot quicker.


Miss out?

If you were one of the unlucky people who missed out on this amazing special, we have some great news for you…

Due to the success of this promotion we will be offering another Tulip pork rib special! We have just confirmed that our Tulip pork ribs will be featured in Aldi’s Special Buys section once again on…


Be sure to mark the date and make sure you get to your local Aldi EARLY as they will undoubtedly sell out again very quickly. These ribs are too good to miss out on again!


Also available at:

If you cannot possibly wait that long to get your teeth into some delicious Tulip pork ribs, please get in touch. We do have a limited number of retailers that stock our pork ribs year-round and might be able to help you out.



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