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There is nothing better than tasty pork ribs that have been slow cooked in an oven or crockpot for several hours, covered in a yummy glaze or sticky barbecue sauce, delicious soft pork meat falling off the bone as you eat them. But the time and effort it takes to prepare and cook pork ribs over several hours is not something your average consumer is prepared to do.

Enter our Tulip brand of slow cooked baby back pork ribs. All you need to do is take them out of the packaging. Add your favourite sauce if required. Heat through in a matter of minutes!


Retort Technology:

Our Tulip brand slow cooked pork ribs are manufactured using retort technology, that is, the application of heat at a high enough temperature for a sufficient amount of time to kill the bacteria present and extend the shelf life of the product. Specific container or packaging closures are used to prevent bacterial recontamination, and there are post-process handling procedures which protect the integrity of the retort packaging. The retort process and packaging give the product an extended chilled shelf life of 12 months from manufacture with no requirement to freeze down the product for storage.

The Retort Cooking Process:

  • Selection and preparation of raw materials
  • Preparation of the product (eg batching, blanching, syrup/brine preparation)
  • Filling containers
  • Creating a vacuum
  • Closing
  • Thermal processing
  • Cooling and drying
  • Storage

Credit to original source: Foodstream – Driving Food Innovation (Retort Supervisor’s Course)


What once was a slow and time-consuming process to prepare and slow cook delicious pork ribs is now very quick – the products only need to be heated and served as required.

Our Tulip pork ribs are also retort cooked in a gluten free brine to give you optimal freedom, you can add your own flavour with a glaze or sticky barbecue sauce if you wish, prior to or during heating, or simply heat and serve as is.


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