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RTC Foods are proud to be the exclusive importer of the Tulip brand of baby back pork ribs into Australia, and we look forward to continued business in the years to come. The Tulip brand has been around for 100 years in Europe, producing high quality pork ribs and other pork products to export all over the world.

In September Danish Crown unveiled a new corporate logo and a new brand identity with a strong focus on sustainability. Danish Crown has over 130 years of history and is a leader in pork production in Europe. Alongside this corporate rebranding will be a change in the name of its subsidiary, Tulip Food Company, to Danish Crown Foods. The 100-year-old Tulip name will remain as a product brand only but not as the overall corporate brand.


Sustainability in the Agriculture Industry

Danish Crown’s new company focus on sustainability is evident in their recently updated website where they discuss the current focus on the environmental impact of the agricultural industry worldwide;

“Climate researchers all over the world are highlighting meat as one of the great challenges for our planet, the climate and the living conditions of future generations.”

“This is a fundamental challenge for all meat producers, which we have a big responsibility to help solve. We cannot continue to eat and produce meat as we do now. We must start to do things differently, and we have pledged to take the lead in finding sustainable solutions for producing meat in a greener and more sustainable way.”

“We are deeply conscious of our responsibilities and want to take the lead in the quest for better animal welfare and sustainable food production so that we can deliver our products in more than 120 countries with a clear conscience – from farm to fork.”

“We believe the future holds an even greater focus on high quality, food safety, animal welfare and importantly, sustainability. We want to embrace the responsibility of producing food more sustainably and securing a strong foundation for future generations – environmentally, socially and economically.”


UN Sustainable Development Goals

Danish Crown’s new sustainability strategy is based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals and builds on the key areas where Danish Crown has the greatest influence on the value chain.



The goal for Danish Crown is to be the world’s most sustainable and successful meat producer in 2030.

Although there will be many obstacles and challenges in the path to becoming a sustainable business and achieving their goals, Danish Crown are committed to this endeavour. As they have stated;

“If we can produce meat in a smarter and more sustainable way, we can continue to eat it in the future.”

Credit to original source: https://www.danishcrown.com/en/sustainability/


RTC Foods will continue to work closely with Danish Crown and the Tulip brand of pork ribs as we believe in the quality and consistency of the product, and we know our customers in Australia and New Zealand agree. We acknowledge there is a major focus recently on the environmental impact of the agriculture industry, and we are happy to be working with a company who is doing their part in terms of endeavoring to work in a more sustainable way.


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