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The Cookhouse Slow Cooked Veal Short Rib

The Cookhouse Slow Cooked Veal Short Rib in Plum Sauce




With the cooler months well and truly upon us, the demand for hearty winter meals definitely increases in the foodservice industry. Here at The Cookhouse, we have seen this demand steadily increase orders for our cooked products including our veal short rib in plum sauce (as pictured above).

Only the very best Australian beef and lamb is used for all of The Cookhouse products. We slow cook all products, either in a delicious natural sauce with a clean ingredient list, or they are cooked using a neutral brine, allowing chefs to serve the products with their own flavour influence.

The Cookhouse range currently includes our veal short ribs, as well as slow cooked beef cheek, and lamb shanks [CATALOGUE]

Our veal short ribs, cooked in a delicious plum sauce, are proving to be a standout. When it takes only 20 minutes to heat the short ribs through, ready to serve to customers with your choice of sides, you can see why they are the smart choice for every busy pub, club, or restaurant. The Cookhouse veal short rib has a great meat to bone ratio, and even after cooking and reheating, the short rib retains succulence and has a wonderful beefy flavour.

Slow cooked beef cheeks are so versatile, they can be used for a centre of plate meal with a variety of sides. Or it is a quick and easy way to make pulled beef for use in tacos, on pizzas, salads, burgers, there really are so many options. With The Cookhouse slow cooked lamb shanks, all the hard work has been done for you. Again, it only takes approximately 20 minutes to heat through the product. The end result being tender and succulent lamb with a wonderful flavour.

If you are looking to update your winter menu, or are interested in trying new products, you really can’t go past The Cookhouse. Always 100% Australian beef and lamb, naturally slow cooked to perfection, Cookhouse products are sure to impress even the fussiest chefs, cooks, and consumers.

Please give us a call or send us a message. At RTC Foods Innovation we are dedicated to continually developing and increasing our cooked meat lines and are always happy to discuss your requirements.



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