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At RTC Foods we are all about developing new and exciting products. From our innovative cooked beef, lamb, and pork products, to our grocery items, we are always working on the next concept to develop for the food industry. Although it is exciting to witness this progress, from ideas through to finished products, we know that is just the beginning. We know the importance of partnering with great businesses, so that we can get these products out to the consumer.

Whether it is sales, distribution, or the chef in the restaurant serving up, we want to make sure we are working with the best people possible. We want to partner with good businesses who have the same mindset; to build business together.


At RTC Foods we are proud to be working with just such a business in Essential Food Services, an Adelaide based family run food distribution company. We were so pleased to hear from them recently that our cooked pork loin rib has become “one of the top selling lines throughout our customer base”, and that “Essential Foods are a proud supporter of RTC Foods as a business, and look forward to many years of growth with their products servicing the South Australian food industry”.


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